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      THE OTHER DAY I visited the crew that sail the IOM boats at the lauderdale canal very nice boats they are  great people  but then so are all the RC sailing mob and as I’m  near finished mine  I needed to check out a few systems….. well when I got there UNCLE G  was waiting for his hour penalty to pass so he could start his race…….. when it was up so was he right up the rest of the boats clacker at the first buoy in what seemed moments  then nothing could stop the full on  onslaught pressed out by this wonder kid   (he does the same at puddle duck pond Richmond   a joy to watch unless your in the same race  )  so I had to stay for a few more races where again and again his time was extended    I don’t know why the crew just don’t say “you can play but you cant use your sails  ” seems far to me   I took a few pictures but will post only a few the rest I will put in the photo section once the lads set it for me   THANKS FOR A GREAT HOUR


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      It was good to see you at the “REAL” boats Kermit, Nice photo’s especially the top one of #34.

      Hopefully we will have you sailing with us with your “IOM” yacht very soon.

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      COOL MAN  there is quite a lot of pics all pretty good an I did ask how to post them on photos section but it needs them to set it up  think pred or the admiral will set the photo section up for me to put em on  THANKS FOR THE opportunity to watch the master in action

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