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      IT was so peaceful  now all gone  UNCLE G’S  unprovoked attack on our peaceful fleet means we are at war with the wheel chair mob   unless there is a coup from that end an he is deposed  We the floaters were at the BBQ area having a nice chat to the WCM about their tucka a nice little lass was handing out to the gents their pureed tucka  in a nice small bowl  with plastic spoons as they tucked in with gusto  wheel chairs abandoned in favour of walking frames  it was a nice scene  we the floaters love old folk

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        Nice peaceful little video but I must have blinked ‘cos I missed the attack from Uncle G.

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          yer pred the sinker attacked when you went up to the BBQ    IT WAS SWIFT  and deadly

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            Couldn’t have been me, I was up at the barbecue with Predator?

            You must have been dreaming old fella!

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      Kermit, have you looked in the mirror lately?

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      FUNNY you should say that just the other day I was in CENTER LINK SHOP  eastlands an I thought why not go to the loo  sooo I did  an as I’m drippin an shaking I did indeed look into the mirror  an there in the mirror was some one I didnt know  an he looked upset  wet trouses an all  shouda gone to spec savers     why do you ask good buddie

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      Checked my video, couldn’t see any attack in that either?


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      arhhh comon  UNCLE G  two fellas went home without their boats  three left with damaged boats after your vicious attack you tell thoses fellas IT DIDNT HAPPEN    people know you and your past attacks on us where as I only tell the truth  WHY WOULD I TELL AN UNTRUTH

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      BY THE GODS I like ol yellow……..  speed / rooster tail /looks fantastic  yep loved it

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        But it’s yellow not green?

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