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      WE WERE DOWN A FEW TODAY but it didn’t matter because we were stoked  by the sunshine  the perfect weather  and most of all great friends not afraid to woop an holler when some one stuffed up an sometimes we did bull dog Barrett became distracted yackin  and stirring…….. his boat went to the hard  an then it was our  turn to turn the tables I being a good Samaritan decided to hit  opps bump dear ol bull dogs stern  but alas I to got stuck  along side him   Through skill and seamanship we dislodged ourselves back to the deep water   ( an the help of a long handle pushy thing )  there were heaps of female joggers doing there thing so sailing was very difficult for some Bull dog had an excellent day with sails firm an a boat that just wanted to go  big bad Dave was also constantly distracted  by the lovely things wunning past us  it was truly hard to hold him back something to do with the pink pills he’s taking ( increases circulation  to some parts to his body)  he’s promised to sell me some   …..for health reasons     pinkie and predator along with Mr moose  and capt’n pugwash were absent today  only two at the BBQ today bull dog got lost or went jogging  don’t know yet    THATS IT KIDS go back to the tele now



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      Looks like a quiet day was had, saving your strength for The Duck eh?

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      if I get some tablets from Dave I will  whooo hoo

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