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      THERE WERE TWO BRAVE SOLES Today FIGHTING THE COLD  but did we care  bloody hell yea  but its the principal of the thing  its what we do. Predator with his battle axe ( that’s a boat )  an me with Lilly pond  a boat with speed untouched because I don’t know where it is,  never the less she was fast enough to beat predator at every turn  corners were different though we had several visitors whilst sailing UNCLE G came down from the geriatrics section of the canal to play with the real thing  and as we were were about to leave MR RON of  ‘Rons reef ” fame  bulldog himself arrived for a yarn an then some THEN TO THE BBQ WE TODDLED OFF TO  ONLY TO FIND THE HOT PLATES WERE NOT GUNNA GET HOT …BUT WE WERE PREPARED FOR THAT  with our own BBQs  an a jolly time we had  criticizing any one an  every one except our selves of course I think we decided that as Iv been doing a fantastic job as president  flight line  that I rightly should remain as the president not only because it sounds right  President kermit la frog  but its deserved………  who am I to say other wise   I think that’s what was said ANY WAY  that was our day…………  beleave it or not




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      Ah yes my little green friend, twas a fine morning of sailing if I do say so myself, & the BBQ lunch was to die for (as always)

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      Yes my friends very jealous But it wont be long before the twin horned beast returns

      If I had come along I would have sailed the 10 Rater and wopped the pants of you

      and if you don’t believe me Just you wait and see

      Mike is that a wild wolf about to attack you no doubt you changed into your Predator outfit and scared it away

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        Don’t worry Mr Moose, the 10R “BattleAxe” well & truly beat the pants off the pretender, I was just being polite & giving him his 15 minutes of fame before posting the evidence.

        No not a wolf, just a very friendly Akita that wanted to say hello.

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      WELL THAT BIT OF VIDEO did nothing to dispel my account of the days sailing so I will stay with my side of the of the true story  BUT GOOD TRY

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