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      Many thanks to the volunteers who helped clear weed from our favourite pond today.

      Big shout out to Tony, Pete, Kermit, Gerald and John (Tony’s brother).

      After a couple of hours casting and pulling chains we managed to make a dent in the weed beds, the extent of which is yet to be fully known.

      By dragging the heavy links along the bottom of the pond we managed to drag/rip or otherwise remove around 85% of the growth. What was left mostly appeared to be floating masses that we hope will find their way to shore, with a little wind assistance.

      We’ll check it of course on Tuesday and make an assessment of what, if any further work needs doing. Thanks again guys we made a good team.



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      Yes, thanks to all those on the working bee, sorry I couldn’t assist but unfortunately I’m still a “walking wounded”. Hopefully will make it to sailing on Tuesday.

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      Take care of yourself Mike, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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      WE WHO ARE NOT WOUNDED  will be at the canal  sailing  “what ever ” on Saturday and as usual will be having a party at the end of the canal with cream cakes  sausages hamburgers  booooze  an the occasional perve  as the chickie babes run past  and we have a special guest  moooose    will honour us with his presence its always a pleasure to watch him and Ron try to catch the chicki babes   AS THEY GO INTO TOP SPEED PAST OUR LOT

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        Well you may have had all those non dietary produces to eat @ the BBQ lunch but we got fish.

        This was our collection of size fish @ lunch time ( biggest 450mm – smallest 325mm). Ended up with 18 total by knockoff time of 14:00.

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      Awesome effort there Mike!!

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      YOU CALL THEM BIG FISH   I throw that size back….. My flat head fish hooks are bigger than any of those tiddlers ….the ones down here require a marlin rod  to land em   Sorry cobber but those  wee tiddlers wouldn’t even make bait for my hooks     but keep trying one day you might get lucky

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        But we have pics to prove it, you know the rules – no pics then it never happened.

        Had half of them for tea tonight, in my custom beer batter – yummo.

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      TO BE FAIR COBBER    I have seen white bait bigger than that lot   the batter would be the biggest part of em  I can see I will have to introduce you   to real flat head fishing where a flatie under a mtr is thrown back as to small

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