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      Another great day for flying @ the Field today with a balmy Autumn 18 degrees & and virtually no wind till the afternoon.

      It was a bit wet underfoot & the Seaplane pond was well and truly full after the last few days of fairly substantial rains.

      We had a fair turnout today with Gerald, Kermit, Andrew, Stephen & yours truly and everyone had an enjoyable fly or three.

      The only mishap today was from Kermit when he ditched his Wilga in a ploughed paddock and removed the firewall, motor & nose cone.  Luckily it was a clean break and wont take very much to repair it.


      I got to maiden the TechPod 2600 today, only 10 years after the kit was produced and almost 8 years since it disappeared into oblivion.


      This was really just a shakedown flight with a lot of the plane only held together with tape but I did manage to get the GoPro Hero 9 installed and working in the nose cone for the first decent onboard footage from a TechPod that I can find on the Net.  The design of the TechPod is specifically for FPV or aerial video and with a bit of fine tuning I think it will perform as designed.

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      Did Kermit have the prop on the wrong way again on his seaplane? Hope to see more seaplane and airboat action. Nice footage from the Techpod. We have bought a 2 bedroom apartment in Subic Philippines and enjoying sailing. It looks like the NE trade winds  will be ending on the weekend and the SW monsoon winds starts. So all the sailboats down south will be able return to Subic soon.

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        G’day Chris, hope you are all well. If you are buying apartments I’m guessing we won’t be seeing you back here any time soon?

        First thing we checked was Kermit’s prop direction, it was fine. Think the problem is a too low a KV motor with only a small prop.  No doubt he’ll come up with something new by next week.

        The TechPod is still a work in progress but so far its shaping up OK.

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      Footage from the GoPro looked good Mike, bit a shame with the sun on the bubble though.

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        Yes, I’ll angle the camera down a bit & clean the dome before next flight.

        Generally I was pretty happy with it for a shakedown flight. Things can only get better !!

        Perhaps you should try your GoPro 9 on the Ranger 1600, I’m sure it will fly with it fine as in the very early days I was flying with a GoPro 2 (in a waterproof housing) on the Bixler 2 and on the Firstar 1600 which is a forerunner to the Ranger 1600.

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          I’m sure the Ranger 1600 could handle the GoPro, the 2400 would probably be better.

          Your maiden went well, much better than my AR Wing Pro!

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      My effort,

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        Another quality production Gerald, thanks for all your effort.

        Bit of a tossup this week between you & the Frog !!

        Both great videos, a shame that Kermit’s is only 720P

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          Thanks Mike,

          Kermit might have to book into his own “TOP GUN VIDEO SCHOOL” for a refresher

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      Gentlemen and uncle g my computer wasn’t finished sooo tomorrow the widdle beggar will be home again then I will put up my take on the day but ….by the frogs the videos shown tonight were outstanding  top gun video classes have paid off for you both  don’t thank me its just what TOP GUN VIDEO School is all about

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      sorry about the wait fokes  computer is ok now its me

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        What a letdown, I logged in to check out your masterpiece and it wasn’t there. Well it actually was but low resolution again.  Seems you have changed back to 720P rather than 1080P

        As for your Seaplane, I have a couple of Bixler 2 motors here that are designed for your size prop, if they are of any use.

        I should have your TrainStar up and running by lunchtime tomorrow as well.

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      now  in HD happy now UNCLE G

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        That’s much better, worth the wait, gets my vote for the people’s choice award!

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          Well thats nice of you to say UNCLE G  an ofcouse your right but in modesty I should say that we need another computer wiz that can be a judge an not be bribed some one that can create another winning presentation and as 2ic of our group I should be the one to oversee his work  because I cant be bribed  No more free lunches at the pub No more under the counter deals   what say you lot  anyone wanna try it  as for a people choice  No one speaks up certainly not enough to get a clear choice      KERMIT LA FROG  2ic flight line gang

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      Well done Mr Frog and definitely worth the wait.

      It’s a real toss up this week for the Peoples Choice Award between yourself & Uncle G. Both great videos of the day’s antics.

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      Great video Kermit, shame about the low resolution. I was expecting 4k now your computer is fixed?

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