RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 What a Day for Flying

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      Perfect conditions at the field today with a light easterly and clear skies and temperatures in the twenties.

      Whoever picked the day did a great job?

      As usual Kermit looked after us with no fees or donations and as always did a great job on the “Roadkill” barbecue.

      He even mowed a runway for us to use.

      And to top it off he managed one flight with his Bixler without crashing.

      Here is my short video,

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      Yes, perfect weather today. Good choice of day.

      Just one short sad video from me:

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        Proof of a perfect days flying. And long grass take offs are yet to be perfected by the Top Gun Training School.

        Strip competition to be continued at next flight school ūüŹę

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          The things some people do to so they are “forced” to consume more beer. A sad moment for all lovers of the Bluey ūüėě

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            IM GUNNA HELP OL GADGET¬† build another spitfire……………..¬† ¬†guess how¬† ¬† just say’n

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        Gee Ron, I have never seen your Beer Box Spitfire fly so poorly. It has always flown like it was on rails. Just what was your problem ?

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          Hi Mike, the tail of the spitfire was a bit flimsy and past it’s use by date maybe.

          Something wasn’t quite right with it when it got in the air and was quite uncontrolable.

          All good though, I didn’t expect it to last very long. It was great to build and fly.

          Journey starts with more beer now.

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        Looks like you are a bit out of practice there with your takeoffs Mr Frog, and the motor sounded like it had only 2 connections rather than 3, could be why your ESC erupted.

        Looks like you need your old mate Predator down there watching your back eh !!

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          Yes Mike, he missed his technical support!

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      Looks like Mr Frog is running a bit late again with his this weeks entry for the GMA’s so I will set the voting to start at midday today. As all the recent votes have been registered within the first 24 hours I will set the voting period to 24 hours rather than 48 and see how that goes.

      Can always change it back if it creates problems.

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        yeah¬† have a go ol sinker mate¬† ¬†a wee bit of a problem the fun cub had its tail¬† servo in reverse an then a tad of a burning ESC¬† an then the Bixler¬† well that was my fault sort a¬† ¬†when I went to fly it THE SECOND time¬† I had the wrong plane profile¬† *UGGAR well …….. another day an I did miss the ol pred¬† ¬† ¬†NOT really¬† because I got to cut three sausages on the BBQ¬† all by myself¬† WE DID MISS OUR PRESIDENT¬† ¬†where were you¬† oh mighty one

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      sorry fokes I have been trying to get this filamin video to work on utube but its not fair to delay the comp so go ahead an vote as I will keep trying but I think I have exhausted every thing   BUGGAR

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      Kermit, check your video edit settings, they should be (MP4 1920 x 1080 @ 25fps) for normal HD video

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        Just disqualify him, we can’t wait forever!

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        Well then, even without sound it at least has content. Gets my vote.

        Looks like a fun day was had by all. The beautifully manicured runway was a bit of a waisted effort though as no one managed to stay on it, taking off or landing. Easier to just use the road.

        I see out illustrious President Ian was a No Show again. Becoming a bit of a habit methinks.

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        You captured the day’s events well Kermit.¬† No sound is good cause you can’t hear all the swearing!!

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      no sound  but its on  here  still trying to get it to work

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        Wow, silent movie, what’s next – Black & White

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      A¬† black an white silent movie emmmm¬† with a bit of shake a few frames burred a bit of grain tossed in¬† Nar already done The sinker did it a long time ago ….¬† didnt work¬† ¬†AN HE’S still doing it¬† but now with colour

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      Looks like the Frog has done it again, set a new standard for all to attain to in the Silent Movie industry!!


      Well done yet again Kermit.

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      Well done Mr Kermit

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      Congratulations to my best buddy Kermit.

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      I thank the honourable sinker and the other four¬† for your votes soo now I propose to not¬† contest¬† the next two fly ins with that said lets make a rule anyone winning two golden moose awards in succession¬† restrains for two more fly ins with their video¬† My reasonings is that I spend a lot of time videoing¬† so others can enjoy¬† our fun¬† there fore I do get film of prangs¬† when others are flying an that’s not fair its the way Im gunna go¬† ¬†SO TA YA ALL

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      Another graduate from Kermit’s famous “Top Gun Flying School”

      And for Stephen, if a real one can do this?

      Looking forward to our next flying day where Kermit promised to give a demo on how it’s done!

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      Looks like I have a lot to learn to get mine to fly as good as that one.

      Love the low level maniac flying – how do they manage that?

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      Don’t worry Kermit going to show us.

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      We got clobbered by a huge storm last week which caused damage to marina structure and I got a small hole in one of my hulls but 6 inches above waterline so ok. Hole and marina now fixed and weather is good now with hopefully no more bad weather till June. Here is brief drone footage today from a friends house:



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      Looks calm and pleasant now. Is that your mansion on the hill? Looks like a great place for retirement ūüėĀ and drone flying ūüĎć

      “Are we ever going to see your face again” … at the field?

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      HO HO HO DEAR¬† BOY¬† THATS not HIS house that’s his gardener’s

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Well of course! How foolish of me, it’s obvious now you point out my misinterpretation of the order of life ūüߨūüôŹ</p>

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      Stephen¬† ¬†the only reason HOPPY¬† left¬† was for the life style of the rich an famous to which he was accustomed to before coming to Tasmania hence his return to the Philippine’s¬† Sailing the waters in his 50 ft catamaran¬† ¬†putting into any port to stay in one of his numerous homes scattered about the islands¬† ¬†yes dear Steve¬† we all can say we have rubbed shoulders with Mr Hoppy but only a few has his autograph …………you can look at me if you want

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