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      NO video today cos I forgot to charge the battery  So visualize this ……. Storm seas…..Wind to rip the diapers from the wheel chair mobs  widdle butts  such was the wind at the canal  just the way we like it.At least 20 sailors an our girl  were  doing their thing  in the wonderful conditions  reveling in the angry blue waves  as the boats  corked screwed  into following  waves and skimmed across the bottomless troughs on  the tack  with the keels exposed an the rigging singing  the crews joining the rigging tune with ther own joyful choice words …… joggers halted to listen to the sea chanties   then increased the speed of their riunning when the words were understood  arhhhh what a heartly bunch  As the day progressed the wind  increased to 80 mph  at least an the skippers tied them selves to the railing  because a little bit of wind wasn’t going to deter us from our day  that is until the getty started to creak an twist  and the pontoon itself started to tear itself from the walk way  that was when SOME  decided to untie themselvs from the railing  and seek the shore  SOOOKS    but the rest stayed put and continued to be like the spray from the wave tips  fast and free  but all good things come to an end  at 12 bells   weather beaten soaked to the skin some with blood from their fingers (from the controller ) we retired to the end of the canal to remise on the days fortune  and enjoy each others company whilst chomping into our BBQ tucka     sooo  what did you do today ?

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      Not sure where Kermit and the “BLOATERS” were, I was down the other end with the Marine Modellers where there was a nice light north-westerly caressing the waters and not a cloud in the sky, Perfect conditions for playing with boats. Didn’t bother with the camera as it was so calm and peaceful.

      Couldn’t see the 20 sailors on the jetty! Looked more like two?

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      Another MISINFORMATION from the sinker,. UNCLE G … leader of the wheel chair mob   total codswallop  from the  darsterly leader  My story is true in every aspect  for instance kamikaze  Dave went down to the wheel chair mob because he got to the jetty early  just to say hi.. gday what did he get  FROM THE LEADER    what are you doing here  you want to borrow one of our wheel chairs   nice ay     words were spoken under KAMI’s  breath   “another leg will be mine ”   loved the words  CARESSING the water……  caressing indeed  more like hammering  BUT who do you wish to beleave  a know misinformation expert or me a nice cute round green fwoggie

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      I was too busy nursing my lame friend to think about boating but glad you both had an uneventful time. Looks like no Golden Moose candidate for today?

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      Once again Hoppy thanks for your concern  and help thru these trying times.

      It proves no frog or uncle have shown any interest.

      All they are interested in is spreading  confusing comments

      Could be we are seeing a grandmaster of video production



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        MR MOOSE  yes why not…… did hoppy not kiss your…… what was it ? oh yea hoof   I was getting confused with butt  but that was YOUR FORMER best friend   I think  ? OHH I just checked what I wrote and an apology is in order  it was MR Mooses bank book   kissie kissie

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      well MR Moose’s best mate   For straight out fibbin  UNCLE G would be a shoe in  but as your Number one  now  I  guess the sinker is relegated to buggar off  so sad he was such a nice fella

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      Sounds fantastic…..and probably is ……Wednesday looks good for a fly?

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      Unlike the fairy tales being told by Kermit yesterday, the real sailors were again sailing in real gale force winds today at Forcett Lakes.

      No Joysway plastic in sight!

      And here is the video to prove that it really happened. (No flat camera batteries excuses like others)

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      Nice video, Gerald……and some fast sailing downwind!

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      Nice ….. at the canal the conditions were far more severe  but your video was in fact not to bad   false news…… not this time   fair to good effort UNCLE G

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        Well thank you Mr. Kermit, I’m lost for words?

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          lets not be formal uncle g …….just call me kerme an I shall call you sinker

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      Well that would the the fist time ever……………………..JUST SAY’N

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      A deserving winner this week for Boating is :

      have you re opened my bank account

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        Thanks Mr. Moose!

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      please answer the question  uncle g  we all want to know

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        Kermit, to win and hold onto a prestigious GMA –

        You need good content, not too much wildlife, good editing skills and most importantly respect the judge.

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      I understand the former not the latter …..EMMMM 

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      Now Now children no fighting please

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        OK  I will  try  your suggestion UNCLE G …. but if the fur coat rocks my boat just once  ………………………. JUST SAY’N

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      Having a little sook because he knows he will never win the G.M.A

      However He can always apologize for all the nasty things he has said about me

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      DEAR MR MOOSE SIR  I am not going to respond to  bites  instead I intend to remain cool ….very cool towards you so I may havea shot at the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD   an if that means tight lips so be it ………………………………………….fur coat

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