YOUTUBE VIDEOS What a Stupid Idea to go flying …who's idea was that

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      Well it rained, we, I froze, we got blown off our feet I crashed a couple of times, Ian lost his plane which Mike and I recovered from an out landing and got soaked, all ended well for Ian at least.  We had our bbq which got rained on.  None of the others would offer this freezing old bloke there nice warm coat.  The only positive was that I have now regained the prestige  of  our C.E.O title (Chief Entertainments Officer) which has only been held by a select few…. . At the end of the day all good but I really do require many many sticks of hot glue to repair the old girl (No Kermit not the wife but not a bad idea) the Bixler of course, she really is looking quite a mess I can feel a new one maybe after the next crash or two or when she will no longer take to the air due to a excessive weight of hot glue repairs which is not all that far away….

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      YOU GO FOR IT BOY … that’s a great write up

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