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      Posted by Snit July 2013


      When I first met up with the boys down at the canal Predator talked about this insurance thing just in case our toys decided not to play how there meant to.

      After just reading a post Predator made it reminded me to ask him about it again the next time we went sailing, but thought I might start a topic on here as well.

      I was testing my Genesis Hi Speed boat yesterday at our local bit of water and a passer by said “are we allowed to run that fast in there”  my reply was “Im not sure now you say”

      I don’t think they were upset by it at all, just asking the question.


      Back to the question

      Predator wrote …..

      Not sure if you guys carry Public Liability Insurance or not but if you need some check out the options presented by the MMACA ( you will find them on our Links page).

      The majority of the Fast Electric & yachting guys on this site are part of “RCToys Tasmania” which is affiliated with & covered by MMACA…

      Good thing I think now we running so fast and them bloody LiPo batteries    :D

      Sticky Racing


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