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      Posted by PeteM – February 2017

      I have just joined your ranks and purchased a df65.  Seeking advice on the best rechargeable AA batteries for it and where to purchase them and a charger to suit.


      Hey Pete

      welcome aboard mate.

      ENELOOP batteries are great and available locally from JAYCAR

      They usually have packs of 2 or 4 and options including a charger.

      The same thing can usually be purchased from eBay and the like.

      If your looking on the net then the HobbyKing LSD AA batteries are also excellent and a fraction of the price of the ENELOOP’s.

      Hope that helps a bit mate.

      Give it a couple of days for people to see your post. other options may be added.


      G’day, Pete, I also use eneloop batteries (home made 5 cell AAA hump pack). Just a week ago I finally had to replace the original pack after over 3 years faithful service. In the AAA size I use the 900mah black ones.

      I also use the HobbyKing LSD AA batteries in most of my transmitters and these are fine as well but quite a bit cheaper. Not sure if HK have a AAA or not in theirs.


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