HOW TO DO SOMETHING (Website or RC related) How to – RC related What ESC programmers do you have?

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      As an assistance to other members please update this post with any ESC programmers that you may have and are prepared to make available for the assistance of other members.

      Predator has the following;

      ESC Programmers

      Turnigy Programming Card Version 2 (marine & vehicle ESC’s)

      Turnigy BESC Programming Card SM801 (for Plush ESC’s)

      Castle Field Link portable programmer for cars (Axial etc)

      ProBoat Programming Module for Brushless ESC (Marine)

      USB Programmer for Afro ESC’s

      Other Programmers

      USBasp programmer for Turnigy 9X radios

      USB Tarot T-2D Programmer for Gimbal

      BLH7840 USB programmer for Blade 350QX quad and some others

      STM8S-Discovery for FlySky pistol radio upgrades


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      Snit has the following;

      ESC Programmers

      Turnigy Trackstar

      Turnigy program box

      hobby king car ESC programmer (not the one I needed)

      Hobbywing 2 in 1 pro program box

      Hobbywing program box (same as Preds Turnigy v2 car /marine )

      Other Programmers

      Turnigy usb linker

      Turnigy trust (air)

      USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL processors (got for kk2 flashing but think it will do alot more )

      Tarot T-2D Programmer for Gimbals

      Sticky Racing



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