RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered What I do when not fighting MR MOOSE and UNCLE G

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      THIS IS A RV-8 46.   YOU HAVE TO BUY KELLOGS RICE BUBBLES for each part and before the next box you have to finish the box you have. So far 30 boxes have been digested by me and still another 20 at least to go ………………I hate rice bubbles AND THEY DO NOT Snap Crackle and Pop except perhaps they do as their flushed down the loo I will post more exciting pictures as I eat more RICE BUBBLES

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      Aren’t you supposed to be fixing the shack?

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        IM BACK UP for the night  back down tomorrow BUTTTT how the jingers did you manage to put an old  “how to forum” up  clever though  stairs at the shack are a problem  council tomorrow  see if i can get an extension of time

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      What a mess

      What are you doing

      Collecting old bits to make a kermit type plane

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        been missing me MR MOOSE

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      Its been mooseic  to my ears

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