RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered WHAT I do when not fighting UNCLE G AND MR MOOSE

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      TO finish I require two servos  as the ones I have for the flaps are a wee tad shaky ,  then MR Predators turn  to put the electric gizmos in Been an interesting build  very fiddly with cables through the body  punch holes through the fuselage /wings etc make the engine houseing frame entend the engine from the frame  the list is long  but if you want to make this type of aircraft  you buy it through buying RICE BUBBLES  with every packet you get a part,  so far Iv had 40 pkts of the damn things an before I can get another part I have to finish the box I have  I need 10 more  I hate rice bubbles AN THEY DONT SNAP CRACKLE OR POP emmmm I wonder if mooses like rice bubbles

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      Nice to see you are doing something productive in your spare time Mr Frog. Looking Good.

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        I tried to work on that to RON  but every time I tried I got slapped

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        well pred I started first on the female model I had to give up,   there is a puncture somewhere  she kept on going down  on me

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      It lookin great Mr Kermit I take back everything I have said about you

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        WHAT  you said something bad about me ?

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      Nice job Kermit.  I like the assistant you have in the first photo 🙂


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      Who was it said “NO MORE BALSA PLANES FOR ME”, foam only from now on? (and it was only a couple of week’s ago)

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        I think frogs are like goldfish, very short memory.

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        yep  I remember saying that  BUTTTT  I had started this putt putt before the  big blue went to plane heaven  so what should I have done leave the project unfinished   nope ……….accept the flack wear it like a frog an just hop to it  BUT AFTER THIS   arhh no i have several more at home just  needs electronics   BUT AFTER THEM  no more balsa

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      Cardboard is the new foam and it’s a lot cheaper 🙂


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        And we now know they bend just the same, eh Ron !!

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          Probably worse 🙁

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      THATS it fellas get stuck into poor ol RON the fella that cant afford foamies  I personally like his origami putt putts

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