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      WHAT  AN INTERESTING DAY we had  big bad DAVE, BIGGUS D…US  BULLDOG BARRETT an little ol me  sailed the mighty canal  unafraid of the wind rain or AUNTY  G  AS SOME WAG called him  because of her non appearance on such a mild day he lost the title uncle  it has been mentioned that on this site we the floaters  stir the girls at the other end of the canal but on this occasion its justified  because we sailed an they were never seen no wheel chairs no white cane noises hitting trees  or people  narna  zip zilch  zero  I can go on but you get the picture  WE GO BY THE MOTTO  WHO DARES WINS   ( SAS MOTTO ) I GUESS THE WHEEL CHAIR MOB could use   ” if afraid stay at home ”   because today they showed that that is the saying they stand by opps  sit by   enjoy our video because WE DARE


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        Couldn’t have summed it up any better ” wet, wild & stupid”!!.

        Much warmer & cosy @ the Model Boat show.

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      Kermit, sorry the “Marine Modellers of Tasmania” couldn’t be with you “BLOATERS” today, we were busy entertaining the public at the Montrose Bay Yacht Club wooden and model boat show today and tomorrow.

      But it was hard sitting in the warm clubrooms enjoying tea, coffee and a barbecue lunch cooked by the young ladies from the “Wooden Boat Guild”, talking to our fellow modellers and the public including Predator.

      I see you had ideal weather for sailing you “A” class but you still managed to break that as well? I believe the comment at 3:23 on your video sums it all up. – “Wet Wild & STUPID”

      Here is a quick video from the sensible one’s day,

      P.S. Didn’t see any video of your barbecue today?


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        Certainly some quality models on show there today, just a pity about the weather.

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      Thanks for the video Uncle G, some great skills in those models.

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        I AGREE with tugboat in all respects  as for the BBQ we decided against it as the sun was far to hot to be out under it  also I needed to be out at predators house   MANY PEOPLE TURN UP?   PS THE comment you referenced was about the wild ducks   so no stir with that  but good try

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      Question I though the cartella and the other one The captain could  just go from one bridge to the other to steer  true or false I thought in my youth they did that Nope I revisited the video  so now, was there a passenger boat like those two that could reverse helm that sailed between Hobart an Bellerive….any one?

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        No Kermit, the Cartela only had one helm position and it was used as a river steamer not a ferry between Hobart & Bellerive. (except when the bridge fell down)

        The ferries Rosny, Derwent, and a few others that were used between Hobart & Bellerive had a wheelhouse at each end and never turned around.

        As seen in my old model of the Rosny

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      Kermit, as for the ducks, they even had the sense to come out to the boat show at Montrose!

      Please take note of our banner in the background.

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      How did you like your history lesson     Kermit

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      THANK YOU FOR THE INFO  UNCLE G   so I was correct in my remembrance because you weren’t allowed out the stern  to fish but it was accepted   “blindly”  for when the couta were running it was hard for a spot  cos I was one to fish it   SUGAR BAG FULL OF BIG COUTA  ahhhh those were the days   (now the banana ) I can see a banana for the floaters  gotta think about that one…… but your banana in the picture surely is incorrect  there is no reference to wheel chairs /white canes  bit of a fabrication….. NO  a lie  ohhh wait……..if the banner looks as old as I think ,  it works out that when it was created,  your mob probably were relativity young ay…. may be early 80s ?  my message isn’t intended to be vindictive in any way because there is a reference to the future in the flag ie modern war ship an then to your generation with the old sailing galleon  fits perfectly    as for the show itself  i have to agree it was a quackar of a show

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