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      IF WIND HAD NICKERS THEN THEY WERE BLOWN OFF TODAY  damn it was rough no hats were safe  an no boats were safe Predator Bad Angel the Mooose Capt Pugwash an myself were endeavouring to stay somewhere in the middle of the canal with little hope once the rudder was turned so a constant toddle over to the other side is what we did   It was fair game that your boat would meet the bank with in seconds we witnessed a very smart capture of a wayward boat by the modellers from the other end most impressive  by 11.30 we all had enough so to the BBQ spot we went  (remarkably no boats had damage  ) we must be getting smart well the moooose is he had a test done yesterday to see if he’s darhhhh he passed the test with flying colours    (after some money was exchanged ) a tarp was hung up between the posts at the BBQ site  stopping the weather soooooo cool  a few story’s were told a few taller ones and it was time to depart










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      There you go Kermit, all working now & your ongoing problem solved.

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