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      AS the title says wind cold but fun as Cap’t Pugwash  Mooose  Bulldog Pete Kermit  (new be  )  Ben  sail’d  til it got far to cold to be there any longer but it was at 12 anyway  There were no takers for the BBQ today various reasons but the main one was the  cold as old farts we now have to start to look after ourselves  We had the pleasure of Ian’s presence today with his little mate ” crock”  his devious idea was to drive the crock from under the floating platform up to a sail boat  unfortunately the wind had other ideas  with ol crock going backwards more often than forward  an it wasn’t long before it was spotted  an the game was up  but a bloody good bit of shenanigans  from our Ian  we also had a visitor “BEN  with a new black 65 after a wee bit of sail trimming from our resident speed demon Pete  the young fella was away while” BEN “sailed the old farts were pervin on his missus  but it came to a stop when the mooose couldn’t retract his tongue ( A moooose’s tongue is over 12′ long)  But that  did warm us up ……  so to wind it up a good day excellent sailing  pervin fantastic   you shoulda been there







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      Sounds like a jolly old time was had by all.

      It was a bit unfortunate they got the weather forecast so wrong, not a great day for fishing either. Only got 3 size fish but at least they will curry up nicely.

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      Geeeeez-zusssss love the crock?😎

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        I think there may be a bit of usurping amongst the ranks.

        Seems that Kermit is ready to knock El Presidente Ian off his throne and Ian appears to be about to reclaim his rightful title of Entertainments Officer back from the pretender Kermit !!

        The plot thickens.


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      A VOTE FOR KERMIT EL PRESIDENTE WILL BE A VOTE FOR unrestricted air space  free lessons from the    TOP GUN FLIGHT  SCHOOL   CFI  for flying lessons  to women  (any age )    Access to private xxx sites  Access to the top gun lounge  Courtesy  walk to the flight line and return ( woman only)  Free alcohol (woman only )   Keys to the gate for all…. Free keys to the club house  Free parking      Serious changes need to be taken to the membership hierarchy no longer will there an elite  group of paid officials who manage the keys  and the technical electronics  under my leadership  we will have free every thing  TRUST ME  I AM THE WAY   when the  flight line presidential election takes place  remember  there can only be one ME

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        Here is a far more Politically Correct post of the Frogs proclamation above for those easily offended.

        But then again isn’t censoring free speech unacceptable as well !!

        Gee, looks just like one of the Tas Gov’t FOI documents.!!


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      Typical politician, full of bullshit and promises and pork barreling prior to the election when and IF elected watch for the back tracking blaming the previous management due to lack of funds, not being shown the books, too much had been spent by the previous President, not being briefed in a suitable manner prior to the elections… You just gotta love the election cycle.. 😎🤔😐😑🙄🤑🙃😕😟😵😱🤓👹😬🤒👺💀

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      IN THE FORTH COMING EL PRESIDENTE ELECTION  i had no idea that my sparing partner would be so devious as to come to our sailing day and start his campaign by siding up to the moose   as shown in the forum pictures   in an attempt to sway votes also the vailed effort in censoring my manifesto  by one of the elite is noted  and will dealt with when Im elected   MY  opponent has show how ruthless  he can be to retain office  and with help from vested interested elites i may find it difficult to compete  but time will tell

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