RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Wind, Wind & more Wind


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      Yes, as you may have gathered from the heading today it was rather windy @ the Field today.

      Predicted was max 19kph South Easterly but what we got was close to 30kph North Easterly with gusts far higher.

      Over the lunch break it swung round to the West and increased even more so it was decided that an early finish today was in order.

      We had Stephen, Gerald, Andrew, Ian & myself on site and most got multiple flights in today even with the wind.

      Stephen stuck to his “Red Devil”, Gerald flew the E-sky Eyas & his Raptor 1600, Andrew flew his large wing again as well as one of his gliders & Ian flew his new favourite toy, the EDF powered Trainstar. Unfortunately he was limited to only one nice long flight – followed by a perfect landing as by the time his one and only 4S 2600 mAh battery was recharged it was time to leave. Ian tells me he has two more batteries on the way so no doubt much more flying with this plane in the future.

      I flew both the Sky Shadow & the AR wing (no onboard cameras today) as well as the “Li’l Eagle” biplane and the Excalibur V2.

      I managed a small amount of video from around the field (Andrew & Ian from memory) but the rest of the time was spent just enjoying flying in the blustery conditions.

      I did spy Gerald on his camera a couple of times but with no Kermit at the field today (another appt) the amount of video coverage will be sadly lacking.

      We finished off with our customary BBQ lunch then headed home around 13:00.

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      It was a another quite day like last Saturday at the canal, with no entertainment officer Kermit.

      Here is my video,

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      Perfect  it was like I was there  great videos  as always from the fab two

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      The flying was so good, you wouldn’t have known it was windy!

      Well done all 🙂

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