RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Windy Friday Fly-In

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      We hadn’t flown for over a week due to the windy and wet weather but the long range forecast had been showing all week that Friday was the best of a bad bunch.

      Winds were around 25 to 30 knots according to the weather bureau with gusts much stronger than that.

      Great day for big planes but not much chop for the little Razor’s & Esky Eyas’s that just about blew away as soon as you got them out of the car.

      Moose opted not to fly as did Dave who was scheduled to have his first go on the Buddy Box with the group trainer (my old Bix 2 Sport).

      I think Uncle G flew but not sure what.

      Hoppy mainly flew his Tiger Moth bipe, it seemed to handle the wind OK. He opted not to fly his recently purchased 2.3m Fox as its a completely new set up for him & needs a bit of tuning on a calmer day.

      Andrew had multiple flights with his 3m glider but unfortunately I forgot the CF wing spar for my 3m Fox so she stayed grounded. I did get to use up 3 batteries with the Bix 2 though (with Dave keeping a close eye on proceedings) so all was not wasted.

      Kermit had several uneventful flights with his Black Angel but managed to kill the motor in his Multiplex Funcub. He also had a few flights (finally) with his “SpyPlane” (we think it may be a Wind Dragon but not sure). Some went better than others but at least now he is on the right track.



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      My bit:

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      And my bit.

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      TOP GUN FLIHGHT SCHOOL IS now offering wild wind flying classes for those that cant   discount for those over 99.9 years old

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        What’s a “FLIHGHT SCHOOL”

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      its like a fright school except its an English upper crust flihgt scool trying to a American sub branch ………..happy now

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      Always happy Mr kermit  Don’t be upset by that Uncle G He is a nasty Man

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      THANK YOU FUR COAT for your support just cose i spewl like a new  sealander  an i get spewl checked by bad angel  UNCLE G jumps down my throat  not fair

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