RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Yet another midweek Fly-In @ the Field

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      Once again the weather gods were very kind to us today @ the Field.

      Another perfect flying day thoroughly enjoyed by the 4 pilots in attendance.

      Ron maidened his 3d printed Zero and apart from a minor motor bearing issue it flew beautifully. He also has his repaired (new fuselage) Beer Carton Spitfire which also flew well.

      I was testing out my Li’l Eagle biplane after a major rebuild last week. I flew as good as ever until I managed to fly it into the ground yet again by flying inverted far too low. Only a minor repair needed this time but it meant that all I had left to fly was the BumbleBee powered glider.

      Gerald flew his Razor & his DJI mini 3 Pro quad & Rian had a twin engined FPV wing that he was testing out with larger props. Seemed to fly well.

      Kermit was hoping to fly his big green beast but battery & ESC issues prevented that today. He did however manage several successful flights with his little Wilga.

      My videos for today.

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      My short video,

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      Flying inverted should be flown at least one mistaken input high unless you are Scott. I think TGFS needs to have an inverted class. Here in Philippines Sapphire flight academy or SFA flies upside down whilst also training 20 flight attendants in the back.



      The Zero is fantastic and only comment is all zeros are green and not white.

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        emmm well Mr foreign correspondent  we at TGFS we don’t go into that kinky stuff  WE train in the missionary position  Nothing politicly fashionable  or as yet mandatory for us  as for predators  mini effort into inverted  flying   he can at any time apply to our world class inverted flying classes at TGFS  we call it  “see the ground up close ”  ………..just sayn

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      Excellent videos by all. Thank you for capturing the maiden flights of the Zero and Beer Carton Spitfire.

      Hoppy, I didn’t know that all Zeros were green. I did an images search for Zeros and came up with this:

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        hey MR GADGET  I’ve got a spray pack of very nice Kermit green  ……………………………just sayn

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          If I’d known, I would have painted it green 😁

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