RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Yet another midweek fly-in @ the Field

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      And what a perfect Fly Day it was.  22Degrees, lovely sun & virtually no wind.

      We needed to relocate back to one of our older paddocks @ the Field today as sheep drenching was under way at the shearing shed paddock and we needed to keep clear.

      The old paddock was fine but many had forgotten how close some of the trees were and it didn’t take long before one of the trees jumped out in front of Mr Moose’s Razor. I’m sure it will come down ok with the next windy day.

      Moose was joined soon after by Ian with his EDF powered TrainStar, next door in an even bigger tree & right at the top.

      Even I noticed the limited space when trying to land the Excalibur V2 as we had a cross wind at the time so needed to be high enough to clear the trees then try & get on the ground before hitting the fence on the other side.  In the end I just flew over the fence & landed in the adjacent paddock as it was easier.

      Eventually the wind (what there was of it) swung round westerly which made landing a bit easier.

      There was a good turn up with 7 pilots today all getting airtime (even Ian today-be it short lived)

      I had the accompaniment of “Ralph” our resident eagle who joined in with some thermalling, tagging along behind (at times very closely behind) the Excalibur V2

      The V2 thermalled well today, as did the BumbleBee.  I still had 67% of the 4S 2200mAh 40C battery left after a good 15 minute flight with the V2.

      Also had a very close call with Andrew’s 3 metre glider & my BumbleBee, watch the video to see just how close it was (maybe a coat of dust separating the two but that would be about all !!).

      That’s All Folks !!

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      My video from today,

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        Another fine production there Gerald, and I just realised I missed my “Around the field ” video.  Better get to it.

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          Thanks Mike, nice eagle shots

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      Mike That was too close for comfort with the Bumble Bee. Glad we didn’t contact each other.

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        To quote the Three Stooges – “It certainly was Ollie, it certainly was !!”

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      SECOND VIDEO  THE FIRST one failed when finished  then the program stuffed the files  so  here ya go

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      Thanks Guys! I always learn a lot from the videos that one does’nt  see  at the time.  Nice to see two eagles in one day!

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      after spending untold hours trying to make a decision I have finally have much pleasure in announcing our winner of the famous G.M.A award

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        Thank You Mr Moose, makes all the effort worthwhile.

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      Well done Mike, Great set of video’s again.

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        Thanks Gerald. There is always Saturday to try again

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      so there Kermit.

      Uncle G agrees with the honorable judge.

      that’s why its called the G.M.A award and not the Green sludge award

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        And you didn’t have to wait up all night to watch them!

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          Were you waiting all night to view my loosing video effort UNCLE G ………………HOW SWEET

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          Sorry, No.

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      Whatcha know  The ol pred has done it again is nothing going to stop this video genius  on behalf of the loosers  well done pred  well deserved if UNCLE  G’s  effort was up to scratch i.e. good content /special effects /decent videographer  behind the camera lens  he may just may have given you a run for the ol GMA ………an if he paid a substantial amount to the save the moose’s  fur coat fund  ………….just say’n

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      Predator did not pay anything he just made a generous donation

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        Don’t tell the public too much about our “arrangements” or they will all want in on the action !!

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      ARRRHA  SO IF WE DONATE TO SAVE THE MOOSES FUR COAT WE HAVE A LEG IN   its how much we (donate ) give  that gets the GMA……. narh not for me let the mud encrusted bow legged moose  suffer  I can handle not having the big prize

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