RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Yet another Perfect Sunday Fly-In @ The Field

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      Well Mr Moose worked his magic yet again and picked another perfect flying day for us @ the field, Sandford.

      Unfortunately Moose was a bit off colour today and ended up not flying. Hope you are feeling better again soon Mr Moose.

      His off colour was probably not helped when the maiden of his brand new Decathlon did not go well (I’m sure someone got it on video) and it bit the dust rather heavily after tip stalling & failing to recover regardless of what was tried. I really do hate maidening others builds, bad enough when you prang your own but it’s always worse when someone else has done all the hard work. Sorry really doesn’t give much comfort.  Oh well Mr Moose, another winter project to repair it methinks.

      Although there were a couple of regulars missing from the flight line today we had a good turn up of 9 with Moose, Gerald, Andrew, Mike, Scott, Ron, Neil (and son) & Kermit.

      The air was quite congested at times but apart from the Decathlon there were no other mishaps (well none that I saw).

      My first flight today with the Excalibur V2

      My second flight, this time changed to a 3S rather than 4S battery to see if it thermals better.

      My third flight chasing thermals, once again with a 3S battery

      Slow Poke doing some laps

      AR Wing Fast & Low

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      Commiserations to Mr Moose for the not so successful first flight of the Decathlon. We look forward to the rebuild and getting it back in the air again.  We also feel for you too Mike as it’s not a good feeling when that happens to someone else’s plane.

      Here is a video of my last automated flight with the C1 Chaser today.  I have tried adjusting some of the flight parameters to achieve a better landing but the airspeed seems way too high and landings were overshooting.  I did notice from the telemetry that I did have a tailwind on one of the landings.

      A couple of wins are I sorted the plane going left and successfully tested the abort landing function which will be in another video.


      The next video with the test aborted landings.  Three aborts and then I manually landed it.

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      Mike please don’t worry about the flight we all know it can happen to any one at any time.

      To Robo Ron well done on the video and flight

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        OH GOD we all know whats next ay  let me go first  CONGRATS  PREDATOR  HOW does it feel to knock off ROBO RON  for a second time  enjoy ……..

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        yes pred “it can happen to any one at any time ” this is why you  got the big one tonight   he foregives .

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        Great video Kermit and I think your video captures the events of the day very well. You can really see the effort you have done with all the special effects and video mixing and splicing etc.

        A very good contender for the GMA in my opinion.

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        Thank you Mr. Kermit for this fine instructional video on the fine art of joining wires.

        Now we all know why your planes fly so well ????

        I was in the Electrical Trade for nearly 50 years and still managed to learn a lot from this excellent, professionally made and produced video.

        What will be in the next episode?

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        Wow Kermit, what can I say? Another quality Toad Hall Production.

        The first module in my Radio Technician training when I joined the Air Force was High Reliability Hand Soldering.  Well, that was a waste of time. We could have watched your video!

        I love the out takes at the end and suggest you should have had a set of false teeth when you were trying to strip the wire. It would have looked really good if the teeth had come out during the process 🙂

        I too have been filmed in a presentation I did back in 2017 at REAST on our topic of flying.

        Can I counteract your video with this one?

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        Very informative video Mr Kermit, but at 15 minutes & 48 seconds it was about 15 minutes 30 seconds too long.

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          GOTTA AGREE pred I have so much video to edit the real good stuff  then edit again  I do try to restrict the length  but to many shorts doesnt do the subject justice  but I do leave good stuff out because of time  I GUESS BEING BRUTAL LIKE the fur coat may be the only way   I will ring him an ask for lessons

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      First of all thank you UNCLE G for your sincere words ……. I never knew you were a sparky in your youth Looking at your aircraft electrics you could do with a refresher  …..see me sometime….. NARH just jokin …………………not

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        Fascinating RON  I do know all this but still the presentation  was excellent …quick question …………….did the  people have tea an pies after the show ……………………..just askin   so as were on personal videos  here is another i produced whilst in lock down

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      After watching Kermits soldering lesso I have no doubt Robo Ron will be on the phone today

      Watching the video I had something confirmed YOU ARE AN IDIOT KERMIT


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      A much more interesting video Ron

      A lot better than some I could mention

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      The G.M.A goes to

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        HA …………thats how much you know MR MOOSE  my circryst  sicrisyst  mental doctor said I was not an idiot ………….  so there   as to the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD   well done on the award video  real cool   but surely  for us more advanced flyers we  appreciate the technical side of our sport  far more than bundles and bundals of videos  Just because you cant fathom the intricacies of electrons  neurons running through a circuit board like we can shouldnt be a deciding factor in the award ………just say’n

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        Excellent GMA video Mr Moose. There should be a GMA for the award! 🙂

        Congratulations Predator.

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        Thanks Mr Moose.

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      Suggest you change Drs

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      BIG OOPS  congrats MR PREDATOR  another fine set of videos and  well deserved award

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