RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Yet another rebuild

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      Given that we are not flying for a few weeks till the sheep finish lambing & the paddocks dry out from all the winter deluges I thought perhaps it was time to rebuild “Li’l Eagle” after her nosedive into Terra Firma a few weeks ago, as always perfectly captured by Kermit & his trusty Handi-Cam.

      It was 100% operator error, Li’l Eagle was flying perfectly in acrobatic mode & then I started a conversation with Stephen & forgot all about where the plane was heading, till too late.

      Anyway, after washing off copious amounts of mud & removing the broken servo mount tray it was time to start putting the foam jigsaw back together

      While the glue sets on the first parts its time to make a new servo tray from some 2.5mm ply. This will also give a former to rebuild the foam jigsaw around.

      I think that will do for today, need to let the glue set & then remove all the tape before replacing all the rest of the small foam bits. At least it’s starting to look like a plane again (and the canopy fits again- which is a bonus)

      A few of the broken bits from the servo tray/front wheel mount, & the template drawn up from all the broken parts to allow a new ply plate to be cut.

      Should finish repairs tomorrow then just need to refit the electronics & test it all.

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      Put a big swivelling machine gun in the front and you could turn it into a semi scale WW1 biplane like a DH2

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