RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Yet another Sunday Fly-In on a perfect Autumn day.

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      The farm hands were busy with the sheep again today so we needed to relocate to the middle field.

      When we first arrived there was a slight but chilly wind but that soon disappeared and it turned out to be a perfect Autumn day for the 6 pilots on site.

      Ian, ably assisted with a hand launch from Scott, flew his EDF powered Trainstar till he flattened the battery. Looks like you have it tuned in now Ian.

      Scott flew his Nitro powered helicopter and it looks like that is just about dialled in as well. Also did some airtime with his Foamy Biplane.

      Kermit spent a lot of time on the video camera today (hoping for some good coverage from Toad Hall Productions) but he did manage one uneventful flight with his “Big White Thingy” on it’s second only outing & one flight with his “Fly Baby”. Well done Kermit.

      Andrew had an old wing to try (it didn’t go well), neither did the test flight with his Depron Spitfire so after that he stuck to flying his 3 metre competition glider (without incident today).

      Not sure how many planes Gerald flew today but I did see his 1600mm Ranger and his E-sky Eyas airborne at different times.

      I had 4 planes today, two gliders, the Slow Poke & the Stearman bipe and flew all multiple times without major incident.

      All in all a fun day was had by all & as usual the lunchtime BBQ was supplied by Kermit, thanks little green frog.

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      Good pick on the weather Mike,

      Here is my video from today,

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      Looked like a nice flying day. Im still busy boating in Philippines. Just came back from 8 days on a dive boat spearfishing with my friend who is a retired US Navy SEAL. I can dive to 20 feet but he went down to 170 feet for tasty fish that tasted like trevalla. Here is brief underwater footage. I have a drone video coming as soon as I get good internet.


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        Certainly beautiful clear water you are diving in, thanks for the video & looking forward to the drone footage.

        Yes Sunday was another great flying day, of course we missed our old mate Mr Moose (still in ICU) but everyone had some fun none the less.

        Just waiting for Kermit’s video contribution but he did say it would be a day or two late as he went to his shack at Dunalley as soon as we finished flying.

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          Wow, your friend can dive very deep. It must be great diving in warm waters.

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      Great Slow Poke video, excellent camera angles. My choice for winner. Although Uncle G’s  5 seconds at he end of Frog versus Stump wins the “shorts” section.

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        Thanks for the comments Tug, always appreciated. Been a little while since we heard from WA. How is it all going over your neck of the woods?

        Its always a challenge to come up with something different when videoing from onboard planes but near on impossible to video from the ground when you are flying, We’ve tried lots of options but a decent zoom camera is the only thing that really cuts the mustard. Hat Cams, TX Cams, fixed cams etc just can’t get close enough to the action.

        Still waiting for Kermit’s contribution from Sunday. He spent more time on his camera than he did flying so it should be a beauty (and probably length wise a match for “War & Peace”)

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      Here is my mavic mini footage of the diving expedition. Boat is about 56 feet long. Maybe this should be posted in a boat thread!

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        Yet another fine production from Toad Hall, even without the sound.

        Thanks Kermit

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        That looked very uncrowded! So not everywhere in the Philippines is full of people then?

        Keep up the video productions so we can see more of the country with your travels.👍

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      It seems that there is no sound ay  third attempt at up loading  so some where it dropted the sound  my master has sound  SOOOO just hum along

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        Worth the wait Kermit, but after 30 minutes of humming I got a sore throat. Now I need a beer to re-lubricate it.

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