RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Yet another sweet day of flying @ The Field 8th July 2020

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      Well the Moose did it again, another perfect day for flying @ the field Sandford Southern Tas.

      We had 8 pilots in attendance today & everyone got to fly at least one plane.

      The day started off with fog, frost and temperatures around 2 degrees but by the time we got to the field around 11:00am the fog had cleared & the sun was out.

      There was little to no wind for the better part of the day & I even got to fly (and land vertically) my X-Vert VTOL aircraft.

      Moose had made some heavy duty landing gear for his Tundra & once we re-secured & adjusted the electrics inside the fuselage she flew great. Moose was back to practising his take-offs & landings big time.

      Kermit had his Tundra all repaired & had a couple of flights before a crook rudder servo, (and probably a crook elevator servo as well) courtesy of the numerous hard landings she has endured, put an end to that. He did at least manage one flight with wing ribbons attached so he was a happy frog.

      Ricky was trying out a new radio in his Bixler 3, it did not go well after a probable Rx brownout sent it into the dirt rather hard.  No doubt repairable but a new body may be in order.

      Ian managed to lose his FPV canopy mid flight & of course it just had to go through the prop & destroy his rather new camera. At least he landed the plane with no other damage.

      Gerald had all the teething problems sorted out finally with his ZOHD Drift and he managed numerous flights with it.  Can’t say the same for his Bix 3, last week he tore the landing gear off on a pothole during take off & today did virtually the same except it was the side of the battery compartment that got ripped out. Oh well nothing a bit of Hot Glue won’t fix.

      I tried out the replacement 1050Kv motor in the “Gooney Bird” (ASW28) and was happy with the results, not a huge increase in power but at least it now has enough power to launch on windless days. Also tried out the new wheels on the Bix 2. Take off was fine and it flew nice & balanced but landing promptly removed them from their temporary mounting.  Now I know they work OK a more substantial mount will be fitted to cope with the rough paddock.

      Chris had a minor mishap with his Skipper FPV plane coming in contact with a tree branch, he got away =with it the first time with just a dull thud but second time around removed an elevon. A quick on field repair & it was airborne again.

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      Was a good day.At least I finally got my big glider up.Thanks for the launch Mike.Pity Bad Angel missed the demise of the bix 3

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        Nice around the field video Pred..

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      Thanks Moose, another perfect flying day!

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      I flew the skipper around some additional trees but they had dead twigs and branches that were hard to see. One crash that ripped off elevator at the end of this footage but was field repaired.


      And here is brief Drifter footage of top of the hill. Nice view today.



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        You actually hit the same branch @ 2:12 just not as hard.

        Nice footage from the Drifter as well.

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        Oh noooooo not again  Hoppy back to Kermits Top Gun Flight School for you..😎

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      Here is a link with video on how to cheaply get your FPV goggles working with DJI drones. It should be good with Mike and Ron’s mirror goggles:



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      Kermit nice doof doof music setting the benchmark for all videos on this forum. Thanks for stepping in to the Presidents shoes when Ian left.

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      THANK YOU HOPPY   AS THE 2ic   of our most gracious supreme leader president IAN  this is what Im trained to do  along with fly with the best

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      Looks like a nice day some nice videos until I heard one with music wonder who’s that was 😎🖕🎶🎤🎼🎸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

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      Great photos and videos guys.  I was thinking of you all while I was in the office looking out the window on a perfect flying day.

      Looks and sounds like it was an action packed day.



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          HA HA HA

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        Ah, dems da breaks ay Ron, but someone has to work to keep up the pension payments for the rest of us…

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      My video of the day? (only video)

      Sorry BA no music!

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        Well, that didn’t quite go as planned.

        Not real sure but it may have had something to do with the tosser who pulled off one of the vertical stabilisers on launch. !!

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      Superb video UNCLE G had people /view/ story /action it only lost out by no music BUT KEEP TRYING

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        Thanks Kermit, I couldn’t find a music track short enough to use.

        Looks like I will have to book into the “TOAD HALL VIDEO SCHOOL” and get some lessons from the pro.

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      UNCLE G  THERE will always be a place in the TGFS  (video class ) for a former top student  willing to learn

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