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      Today was definitely one out of the bag, That is twice in a row that Hoppy has picked near perfect Fly Days in amongst all our cold, wet & windy winter weather.

      If he keeps this up there could be a challenge mounted for Weather Guru Moose’s job as chief predictor.

      There were a large amount of sheep in the holding pen (which we usually drive through to access the field) but as luck would have it there was another gate on the opposite side of the pens that bypasses them completely to give access to the flying field.

      Numbers were less than normal today but still a good turnout

      Ian, Moose, Stephen, Hoppy, Andrew, Rian & yours truly today all giving the airways a good workout. We were sadly belatedly happily (you choose) missing the Frog-Kermit, Bad Angel-Ross, Moo-Dave & Model Guy-Scott from the usual line-up so we were unfortunately down on videographers (and content) today.

      There were a few (only minor) mishaps today, Andrew lost the prop (on take-off) of his repaired 3M glider and it came down a bit hard, back to the repair shop to fix the motor mount.

      Hoppy also lost a prop on his yellow biplane and it took out a wing strut as it flew off into the wild blue yonder. Luckily he (with the helpful eyes of Andrew) found all the bits so after a small motor mount repair (and replacing that very noisy motor) it should be OK again by next flight.

      Moose had several uneventful flights with both his Razor & his Ranger 1600 although one of Stephen’s hand launches of the Ranger left a lot to be desired.

      Stephen flew two of his planes with no issues. Rian, as well as assisting Ian sort out his mini-quad, flew several different planes today with no issues.

      Ian didn’t have a plane today, he’s a bit like Ross I think, if you don’t fly them you don’t break them. He did however have an uneventful flight with my Sky Shadow S800 wing, just to see if he should invest in one !!.

      I flew the Sky Shadow, the BumbleBee & the Raptor whilst fine tuning the iNav systems in all 3 after upgrading them to the latest V3 firmware.

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      Hardly any wind though when it did come in it was a weak sea breeze from behind us. I had two motor issues. My Parkjet shedded 4 of its 5 ducted fan blades but still flew a half circuit noisily with one blade left. And my Tigermoth on its last battery for the day threw the prop in the air so will finally get a quieter motor and prop next time. And Andrew threw a prop from his repaired glider. My big biplane had the oldest servo driving the elevator which was a bad idea as it died after a minute or so into the second flight. I managed to land using throttle to change pitch.

      Kermit and Gerald had a date together so only Mike was left to do some brief video footage today but still had to bribe Moose to win the Best Video of the Day. I have 2 air videos. Here is from my Drifter including going around trees and passing through a small gap with a fence the other side near the end:



      And AXN footage here:

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      Noice stuff busy editing today..ūüé•

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      Well I have looked at them¬† (videos ) and thougherly enjoyed them¬† how ever I shall wait for UNCLE Gs¬† flying video¬† to be preented¬† ¬†…..ohhhh he wasnt there was he¬† dunna matter he won¬† ¬†UNLESS SOMEONE else GREASED THE FURCOATS FUR

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      well were all waiting on the  golden moose award  all bribes should be in by now  you gotta disregard UNCLE Gs video its not a flying one  although if enough greasing has been done it will pass the selection criteria  for sure

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