RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A pleasant Sunday fly on 28 Feb 2021


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      I think 9 in total, Jeremy and Karl came for a while, Kermit, Mike, Moose, Ron, Ian, Gerald and myself were there and I hope I have not left anyone out. The wind and weather were perfect and we were there before 10am and finished around 2pm with a BBQ. Jeremy showed us his DJI Goggles with a Caddx air unit on a Quad. Very impressive compared to the old analog systems we use. Karl flew my old pylon racer I traded to him ages ago and am amazed its still intact. But his big yellow cub had issues especially faulty elevator servo so was not a success this time. My V Tail glider is 15 years old and also had a servo issue. Kermit had a few battery issues and needs to enrol on a online course in C ratings. 3C packs do not power planes very well!


      Only footage from me is my AXN with Foxeer Legend 1 cam. My tigermoth creates too much jello and my Lepetit the video file was corruped.



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      Yes Hoppy, certainly was a great day again & the weather was perfect although less wind should be the norm from now on as we head into Autumn. I think the only one you missed was Stuart but he was not flying so not an issue.

      I was a bit disappointed that 1) the new 3D-printed engine mount on my Pitts Special failed before I even got airborne & 2) I forgot to erase the old footage from the RunCam 2 and ran out of storage only 3 minutes into the BumbleBee flight.

      Other than that a great day & nice to see Kermit getting several good flights with his Radian Glider.



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      My video from today

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      After carefull consideration I have decided I need more Weetbix to build up my strength

      Well done on the videos chaps

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      Kermits broken propeller didnt seem to make it to the videos so I have setup a thread for it at https://rctoystasmania.com/forums/topic/airspeed-oxford-prop-restoration/#post-7485

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        A fine video production there Mr Frog, to be honest I thought the first one was fine (and perhaps your best work yet) also.

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      I HAVE deleted my first video cos it was to rough  (I fell asleep on the computer ) thus didn’t do a fair job

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      What are you carrying on about Mr Frog nothing wrong with your vidoes they are better than mine.

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      I liked the first one better?

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      What is the difference between #1 and #2 ? Seem the same to me. Nb tomorrow forecast now good but rest of week till sunday is windy.

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      GENTLEMEN AN MR MOOSE  THE FIRST VIDEO HAD heaps of blurr  the second  I removed them  as I’m the one doing it I noticed them more  but I thank you for your support   even when UNCLE G  is stirring  as the dragon went to the hospital today hoppy I haven’t had time to really look at the prop  but will soon

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      When you say you will look at it soon do you mean fix it or you will just look at it

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      I  MEAN I WILL DETERMINE MY ATTACK MODE   LIKE ANGLES /LENGTH OF the dowl how hot is my tea   real important stuff like that  an then go watch tv

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      My Pitts Special has been repaired (well printed a new much stronger motor mount) so hopefully this one will fly.

      I’ve also unseized the drive gearbox in BumbleBee so if the replacement (direct drive) motor is not powerful enough I can quickly refit the original geared drive.

      Now all we need is some more good flying weather.

      In the meantime all the parts for the Brand New Pulse XT25E have arrived so I’ll start that build today.

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        Good flying weather? taken 5 minutes ago.

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          Yes Uncle G, I know Hoppy was keen to fly today (and it looks perfect) but unfortunately I was a bit busy this morning.

          Hopefully the weather gods will be kind to us again before the weekend as unfortunately I’m busy both Saturday (grandson’s birthday party) and Sunday (Pete Smith Memorial Regatta @ Puddleduck)

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