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      Here’s a project I started around 12 months ago.


      I built this crawler kit around 6 years ago, but was never happy with the Jeep body.

      I came across the scale LandCruiser 70 series body kit by “Killerbody” So I ordered it from Banggood, but when it arrived I discovered that there was a lot of options you could buy to enhance the kit.

      So, over time I ordered the full interior complete with illuminated dash lights, opening side doors with window winders that work, opening bonnet, scale ARB alloy bulbar with more lights, light controller, flat tray with drop sides with working scale stainless steel catches and scale rear guards with mud flaps. The kit turned out to be good quality and came with the option of right or left hand drive and came with all the parts for both. It was all painted with Tamiya spray cans except for a few small parts that were airbrushed.

      To fit all the electrics in and out of sight I had to design and 3d print all the underbody parts, I was using 123 Design for this but as this software is getting a bit on and no longer supported by Autodesk I thought it was time to update to Fusion 360. After giving myself a crash course on how to use it, I managed to design and print all the required parts.

      For the electrics to keep the wiring to a minimum I used an FRSky X8R receiver and used both the PPM and SBUS outputs together, the Rx is mounted in the rear with the sound unit and diff lock servo. With a single servo cable going to the front with a two SBUS to PPM decoders to operate the ESC, winch, headlights, driving lights and the light controllers. This saved on the use of multiple  “Y” leads going everywhere. All the servo leads were custom made to length to also save room. There is a FRSKY 40-amp Smart Port current sensor for the voltage and amps telemetry back to the Tx. It all runs on a 3 Cell 2200 mAh LiPo.

      The steering servo was moved from the front axle to the chassis with a panhard bar installed. The diff locks use cables operated by a servo mounted in the centre, the headlights and driving lights are operated independently by two “Pololu” RC switches, the winch is also operated with the radio control. The body hinges at the front with a 3d printed body mount at the rear so no body clips sticking out the bonnet.

      Still working on the driver and the racks for the kayaks.

      And no Kermit, I will not be driving it on thin ice!

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      Looking good


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      Looking very nice there Uncle G.

      Once we get out of Lockdown I can see an offroad challenge in the wind, just to see if it performs as well as it looks!!


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        Thanks all, Mike, I don’t think it will perform that well, too bloody heavy!

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          Weight is fine as long as its low down.

          My SCX10 weighs in at 4.1Kg with the two 5000mAh 2S HardCase batteries installed but most of the weight is below the COG so it will still climb a 60deg incline as long as the tyres can get some grip.


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          This comes in at 4.4Kg with the one 2200 mAh 3s battery.

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      Very impressive Uncle G, look forward to the video.

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        Tugboat the last picture is the video

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      Thanks, missed that. Absolute credit to you.

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      Uncle G

      Nothing to do but play with toys

      What a great build  like the colour scheme looks to good to run in the bush and climb mountains

      Be good to see you soon keep up the good work

      Mr Moose

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        Thanks Moose,

        Yes you are right, just playing with the toys!

        Hopefully not long to go now!

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