RC VEHICLES FUEL VEHICLES Buggies (Dune & Offroad) Predator SS V2 on Henty Dunes Australia Day 2013

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      Quick vid of Large Scale RC action on the Henty Dunes, Easter weekend 2013

      Rovan Predator SS V2 26cc 3HP 2 stroke with numerous alloy upgrades + Night Vision LED Lighting c/w remote control

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      RC Lighting Controller

      Multi Channel Lighting Controller fitted to Predator SS V2 1/5 RC Buggy.

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      MR PREDATOR   NEVER have I seen such Wilton destruction as I have seen on your video  predator vs  henty dunes   how many native Sand Frogs were destroyed  how many native  lizards  how many native grasses  were forever removed by the over sized tyres on this “toy”   my ancestors  could have played on those dunes and eaten the lizards eaten the sand frogs cut the grass for fire   but you sir did that for fun if i were an abbo I would point the bone at you….. an no not that one    instead as a full time tree huger  and a paid up member of the save the  ” Henty Dune Sand Frogs”   we will blockade any future attempts to enter our sacred dune sites and to ensure your denial to our dunes our members intend to remove the dunes to another place

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        Gee Kermit, that was way back in 2013, I didn’t even have the Sand Tyres fitted that trip but we never left any evidence of damage to any flora or fauna. (even the fitted road tyres made good mincers).

        In the later video’s with the big Sand Paddles fitted, well that’s another story.

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