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      Originally Posted by Predator in 2014 (this is an edit from the old site)

      I’ve been viewing these on the HK site for quite a while and a week ago temptation got the better of me so it was ordered. :)

      Turned up about 4 days later & as I had read some disturbing reports re early (read almost instant) failures of the plastic spur gear I thought a bit of modding may have been in order (after the obligatory test run straight from the box – which by the way did indeed take the ends of all teeth of the spur gear). :(

      Two things I noticed were

      1) the spur gear & pinion were barely meshing

      2) the slipper clutch wasnt slipping (way too tight)

      I adjusted the gear mesh & backed off the slipper clutch slightly & thought that had rectified the problems.

      It now ran OK, didn’t wheelstand all the time on hard acceleration, just a little clutch slip. :)

      After posting the acquisition on the ShipShapeRC site it was pointed out by another ShipShaper (Mirror) that there was a tilt on the spur gear (not parallel to the pinion gear) that reportedly caused most of the problems.

      Mirror also kindly supplied the link to the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_q0FRJMvM0

      I didn’t even notice the misalignment till it was pointed out but upon closer inspection it was definitely the case.

      Followed the instruction vid on how to fix & all is now in alignment and running far smoother & quieter and with the harder meshed gears (as set earlier) the worn teeth are not creating any problem, but I have ordered several replacement spur gears just in case.

      After all they are only $0.80 each & a bit of postage.

      It is well worthwhile spending 15 minutes to carry out the mods BEFORE running for the first time & you should never need to replace the gear.

      All up they are a great little buggy, absolutely fly, and are great for drifting on either dirt or smooth concrete etc even with the original 40mm wide offroad tyres. 8)

      The mods in order

      1) realign spur gear as per video

      2) adjust motor for better gear mesh

      3) back off the slipper clutch (just slightly)

      4) install receiver & battery (2S LiPo – I use a 2200mAh 40-50C which is too big for the battery clip to fit – velcro works fine)

      5) HAVE FUN :D


      After managing to break the top front suspension arm on BOTH sides (not at the same time) I thought it appropriate to order some spare parts rather than glue them together for the 4th time.

      Numerous bits were ordered from HK International (no parts stock in Aus) and they arrived today

      I initially ordered alloy upper suspension arms but then after a bit more research on the net decided that would probably create another breakage elsewhere so I ordered a couple of sets of nylon (or plastic-whatever) ones as well.

      An interesting mod someone had done to minimise breakage was to use the rear turn buckle shafts in the front turn buckles as the rear ones are a lot longer and screw much further into the nylon fittings.

      Today I installed the replacement nylon parts & fitted the longer turn buckle shafts so it will be interesting to see how long the last.  It certainly looks much stronger with the metal shafts now almost completely through the nylon fittings rather than just holding by a few threads.

      I always have the alloy upgrade parts to fall back on if I break the nylon ones again. 8)


      Five months later & the little buggy is still going great with NO further breakages (it is still getting flogged just as hard) since the longer turnbuckles were fitted, and the ORIGINAL spur gear is still hanging in there as well.


      Now, almost 4 years since the mods & still going strong.

      These days I have changed to a slightly smaller 2S LiPo – I now use a 1800mAh 30-40C which still gives a decent runtime and actually fits the battery clip.

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