RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing & De Weeding 2-03-2021

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      Thanks to all who turned up early @ the duck today for some de weeding chores. The “Terminator” was once again pressed into action and copious amount of weed removed.

      De weeding finished a bit before 11:00am then racing got underway under the watchful eye of PRO Ricky but we only managed 4 races before the rains returned & it was time to make a hasty retreat to the covered deck for a well earned coffee.

      Results were


      Please remember that this coming Sunday (7th March) is the DF65 Peter Smith Memorial trophy competition @ Puddleduck Vineyard

      Registrations open at 9:00am on the day and race briefing will be 9:45 with racing commencing at 10:00am sharp. Cost of entry is $10 and includes Coffee/Tea and a light lunch snack.

      There will be a lunch break around midday (at the PRO’s discretion) and the final race will start no later than 15:15.

      I will put up a calendar entry shortly, please indicate your intention to race or not as we need to know appropriate numbers for catering purposes.



      For any new skippers @ The Duck that are intending to race and who are not yet financial members of RCToys Tas or one of the affiliated MMACA clubs, you must get your membership sorted in the next couple of days so that you are covered with appropriate Public Liability Insurance cover.

      Please make sure this is done before Thursday 4th March (at the latest) or you wont be able to compete.

      Membership application forms are available @ https://rctoystasmania.com/membership/


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      Yes good work team on working together clearing the weed. Guessing we might have been a bit ambitious trying to sail straight after while there was still lots of floating stuff about, but it was fun anyway.
      Thanks to Mike for putting up the scores and shooting some video. Thanks also to Ricky for being our race officer. Well done everyone!

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      Looks like a light wind day this coming Sunday. 

      top row is base wind strength. Next line is gust strength. Last line is direction.

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      Well how about that I did a retake on our admiral ….Being retired has aged him white beard a tad wide amidships   an its only been a week  pretty soon the row boat will have to be replaced with a  10ft wide catamaran    ….NARH  JUST KIDDIN     9ft catamaran  …..SORRY I couldn’t be there the dragon needed to be in hospital by 9.30  and was picked up at 3 an as I wanted some tea tonight I thought it best that I take her in  GOD IM GOOD TO THIS GIRL  thanks mike for the video I was wondering if one was going to be done and as usual it was perfect AS  USUAL OUR team is pulling its weight  with our pond  just goes to show how much we love our sailing  ….just say’n

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        You are just a naughty boy Kermit. Behave!

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      YES SIR

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