RC AIRCRAFT FPV Quanum Cyclops Goggles & Head Tracker

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      For those that are interested I’ve got the Quanum “No Drift” Head Tracker working on the Taranis X9D for use with the Quanum Cyclops goggles.

      All pretty painless really, just need to add a bit more programming to the radio so when I switch the Head Tracker off the camera gimbal controls will revert to the sliders as per original control.


      Ok, after a bit more playing today I now have 3 modes operating for the pan/tilt camera control from the Taranis X9D.

      Mode 1 – Disabled. Neither the head tracker nor the sliders move the camera, it stays fixed straight ahead

      Mode 2 – Manual. Camera pan/tilt operated by sliders on radio.

      Mode 3 – Auto. Camera pan/tilt controlled via HeadTracker module.

      One thing that threw me for a while was how to disable the A-E-T-R input from the trainer port.

      Eventually I found the setting in the radio under General Settings then remembered you can click on the “General Settings” heading on the OpenTX Companion programming software and access the Trainer Port setup that way.

      All good now with voice prompts installed for the three modes as well.

      Looking forward to our next flying session to try it out.

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      A quick test of the DVR record function built into the new Quanum Cyclops Diversity goggles.

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      Testing the final programming & set up of the Quanum FPV Head Tracker module fitted to the Quanum Cyclops V2 goggles.

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