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      A SOME TIMES COLD AND WARM WEATHER day for 6 mad but keen sailors interesting wind sometimes going around us on the platform but mostly going through us  that’s called a lazy wind     moose with his redish 65  today missed all the edges of the canal  so he was a happy little chappy predator with his white death 65 Annabelle was really skitchen along   and chasing ducks until they wised up and swam on the edge  where moose wasn’t  today Ron B sailed his 65 superbly with no apparent problems  and also refused to have a breather on his own RONS REEF what a bunch of girls we had today  we had bad angel (ross ) come for a stir  he had been down with the model boat crew  that leaves me  I had for a while the phantom  modified to the rigging of the 65s   but the jib isn’t set up right so she was out then the 65 SS Riggo named after my looovely wifie   she failed to perform  now both don’t work  so a quick trip home for the duck hunter  brought results at last  then BBQ time   with lots of story’s from our past (lies included )  we enjoyed a very sunny hour of eating time  disturbed by mooose stripping off to his long johns to as he said   “lap up the sun ” at this time it was noted that females and dogs went around the park where as they would go through normally  those of us not blinded by the white reflected glare  from mooooses hide  slowly slipped away as far as i know hes still there  catching the moons glow   as always this is the truth  i tell no lies   ask the boys      kermit la frog

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      We had a good turnout of the hardy Marine Modellers group today, not like the poor showing up at the other end. (soft)

      Here’s today’s video from the camera boat. (which managed not to run into anyone)

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        Thanks for the excellent video Gerald.

        Certainly a fine turnout by the Marine Modellers Group of superbly detailed models at the Western end of the canal today, must agree that we were a bit light on at the Eastern end but fun was had none the less.

        Apart from the at times very lazy wind it wasn’t a bad morning for mid winter in Southern Tas.

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      In reply to your statement UNCLE G that  I quote ” poor showing up at the other end ”  if you had returned later on … would have had in total 30 sailing vessels on the water in full flight  I failed to mention these boats because the skippers didn’t come to the BBQ after sailing  so they didn’t count    your speed camera boat was probably out of battery power by then ay such a shame    all colours of sails  …….would have made your effort of filming real sailing worth while but still  your effort today was still fair due to such a small number of  putt putt craft you had to film  I guess  please return next week for more value video from the other end      ( soft )   Regards  Kermit la frog    on behalf of real sailors

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      Great video Uncle G and well edited. I did notice there were a few skippers still a bit wary of the media boat.

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        Thanks Tugboat and welcome to RC Toys, yes they are wary and for good reason.

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