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      Posted by Overlander on the old site

      Hey folks, whilst Googling aimlessly, I found this page and thought that as there was a couple of posts on here of guys owning / building crawlers here in the Apple Isle, I’d introduce myself, share my trucks, videos and tell you about the Tas Radio Rock Crawler group.

      My name is Steve and I’m adicted to crawlers. I have oly been adicted for a whil, but my wife seems to think it has been forever.

      I have a few trucks in the garage currently including:

      SCX Honcho with plenty of upgrades, Holmes Motor, ESC, Robinson gears, VP Dig unit, JunFac shafts, OD front axle, Hitec 7955 Servo etc.

      Trail Finder 2 with a custom flat tray, Holmes ESC, Hitec 7954 servo etc

      SCX-10 Dingo – my sons’ truck officially, but I drive it occasionally when he isn’t around lol

      AX-10 based SSS-r Billet Works Design 2.2 Sportsman class crawler with plenty of good bits like XR steering conversion, OD/UD gears, MIP shafts, VP CVD’s, CC/Holmes motor/esc/BEC, Hitec 7950 servo etc.

      When I can get back to a PC that allows me to upload images to a host site, I’ll post up some pics.

      I’m also an active member (Admin) of the Tasmanian Radio Rock Crawlers group, we run Social gatherings and Competitions regularly all around the state on a rotation. Feel free to click over to our facebook group page, add yourself and check out our upcoming events and come along for a crawl…!


      Alternativley you can find us on The Crawl Pit…


      Some of my videos of our Comps and social days can be found here:






      OnetenCrawlers Team Driver – https://www.onetencrawlers.com.au/



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