RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Thursday Fly In @ The Field

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      Well what another perfect day for flying at the Field that some one  picked in a week of wet and windy weather.

      Oh that’s right it was me. Better watch out Mr Moose or I’ll be angling for your title as Weather Guru for RCToysTas.

      Only a small group in attendance today with Gerald, Stephen, Kermit & yours truly.

      Everyone flew multiple times & with varied aircraft and there were no incidents today.

      My first (of two) videos from today.

      And here is the second

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      Top video’s as usual Mike, I suppose we will have to wait all night for the Frogs?

      Good pick on the weather.

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        yes I agree fine work from mini moose  “MR Moose’s adopted son  “and if  his  daddy continues his misguided badly judged way again

        May I in advance congratulate MINI MOOSE on the award…….. AND  the  sheep   moose   dip  is waiting

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      yep I agree Uncle G another late night for the judge the frog has no consideration for anyone but himself

      I don’t think he will be able to better predators videos. I suppose I hand better wait all night for the frogs weak effort,

      By the way had I been available I would have picked to day

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      I WOULD LIKE TO DEDICATE this video to my very best friend MR MOOSE  who at this very moment is at his house suffering from foot and mouth disease coupled with mange fur typicial for this type of moose I do hope my best mate recovers before he has the sheep drench bath to which I have volunteered my service to assist

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      After kermit’s weak attempt to coerce the Judge the award must go to



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      Congratulations Mike, another well deserved GMA!

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      GEEZUS UNCLE G  you wanna be adopted by the fur coat to   it will do you no good mini moose has his father under his thumb  but as we the true video types  are not interested in fancy awards an such   we dont care   the predator ( video clip )  doing discusting  sexual gyrations  to music was in poor taste  for the wide community on utube ……so where is the censor  when he’s needed ………..oh wait isnt he mini moose  …………………………………..just say’n

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        this is mrs kermit writing  i think the predator dancing in a naughty maner is provocative and rude and i would ..nah demand its removal from  utube i still have goose bumps looking at this rude and suggestive  video    shame on you mr missie  your dear wife would be so upset at you for doing this   mrs ruth k

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          Geeze Mr Frog, have you been smoking the woopy weed again, firstly there was no music in either of my videos & I couldn’t see anything that could be construed as dancing (dirty or otherwise)

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      No No No  mini me the award…… thats the offending video  now revisit the shocking offending video and just do the right thing and remove it so the missus can sleep at night  IT TAKES A LOT TO GET THE DRAGON UPSET SORRY CAPS STILL ON AN i just noticed that my motive is now kermit smoking  those day are almost gone  …….almost ….nearly

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